Ya Allah Engkau Tuhanku... Tiada Tuhan melainkan Engkau... Engkau cinta Agung....ku... Nabi Muhammad pesuruh-Mu... Ya Allah Engkau sumber bahagia... Engkaulah Sumber keselamatan... Ya Allah Engkau sumber keamanan... Engkaulah segalanya... Ya Allah Engkaulah pelindungku... Engkaulah sumber rezkiku... Di waktu sakit Kau sembuhkan... Di waktu lapar Kau beri makan... Ya Allah Engkau Cinta Agungku.. Cintaku haraplah dibalas.. Ya Allah Engkau Cinta Agungku.. Janganlah cintaku tidak dibalas.. Jangan biarkan ku tanpa pimpinan... Pimpinlah aku ke jalan yang benar... Kepada Engkaulah harapanku.. Janganlah hampakan perasaanku..

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our studies

Hari ni kami berdua pergi ke Universiti masing2, Oum for me and Utmspace for my wife,
My classes have started, tapi my wife still not, her classes will start next 16 jun,
hari ini sesi pendaftaran utmspace dan taklimat yang perlu bagi pelajar baru..
mereka dapat beg galas percuma dari utm.
My classes start at 8:00am and ended at 3:00pm.., in Oum English is very important.. ,
in my case, i'm studying in IT at OUM Petaling Jaya for Dip., all of my notes that been given to me are in english language..
car park at oum premis is none...for student that is, signboard written showing where u can park your vehicle..the parking place is at the left side of oum building that is out from the OUM premis.
Rm3.00 per-entry, eventhough the board at the auto-pay machine at the park area showing a higher rate.. that is RM3 perhour, maximum RM9.00.. maybe they have a lower rate for saturday and sunday..maybe.. i wonder..?

Having a tablet with internet line really help's if u're studying at OUM

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